WEoC 2016 – Mica Shift

Pictures from Diane Villano's Mica Shift Class - Weekend of Clay

Diane showing how to align the mica particles.

Some examples of Blends of Gold Mica Shift

Some examples of Graphite Mica Shift

A wide variety of colors and wonderful effects!

Loretta Lam Workshop Pics

Here are some pictures from the Loretta Lam Workshop held November 7 & 8.
The class description from Loretta:
Balancing Act
Designing a balanced necklace is easy. Put one large element in the middle and surround it with smaller ones on each side. Easy. But don't you long to break this mold, try something more exotic and unique? Asymmetrical balance is like a tug of war between stability and tension. When the design is good it is fresh, modern and dynamic. You will be surprised and delighted to see how easily you can accomplish this with a few key design choices.

In this class you will:
Discover the step by step solutions to asymmetrical balance.
Learn how to use color, texture and form to support your design.
Learn tools to help you overcome design obstacles.
Create a beautifully balanced asymmetrical necklace.

The class was different than our usual project driven classes. We learned a lot more about design principals and visual effects. One of the exercises was to create an example of the concept "Factors Effecting Visual Weight". The picture with the white circles shows the results.

Traveling Exhibit in New Haven for February

The Guild's Traveling was set up at the Ives (Main) Branch of the New Haven Free Public Library on February 1 and will be there for the whole month.
Hope you can stop by to see it.

The exhibit contains handcrafted works created by our members from polymer clay and some mixed media. Items range from jewelry, pictures, picture frames, bead strands, sculpture, light switch covers, functional and decorative art.

It also contains Bottles of Hope, which is one of our outreach projects.
More info at

If there is a venue that you would like to host our Traveling Exhibit, please contact our coordinator, Gerry Pieper, [email protected].