Below are links to our Newsletters. Just click on the link to see what's up.
The newsletters contain the agenda for the next guild meeting along with info about upcoming guild events and news within the polymer and art communities. If there are classes some of our members are teaching, they will be listed there.

You can also go to the Guild Calendar for upcoming events.

2021 Newsletters

1-January 2021  (Virtual Zoom Meeting)

2-February 2021  (Virtual Zoom Meeting)

3-March 2021  (Virtual Zoom Meeting)

4-April 2021  (Virtual Zoom Meeting)

5-May 2021  (Virtual Zoom Meeting)

6-June 2021  (Virtual Zoom Meeting)

7-July 2021 (Virtual Zoom Meeting)

9-Setptember 2021 (Virtual Zoom Meeting)

2020 Newsletters

1-January 2020 

2-February 2020

March, April, and May Meetings canceled due to Covid-19

5-May 2020   (Newsletter, no meeting)

6-June 2020  (Virtual Zoom Meeting)

7-July 2020 (Virtual Zoom Meeting)

8-August 2020 (Virtual Zoom Meeting)

9-September 2020  (Virtual Zoom Meeting)

10-October 2020 (Virtual Zoom Meeting)

11-November 2020 (Virtual Zoom Meeting)

12-December 2020 (Virtual Zoom Meeting)

2019 Newsletters

2018 Newsletters

2017 Newsletters

2016 Newsletters