Guild Challenges


Relatively regularly our guild hosts a 'Challenge'. This is totally voluntary.
Consider it a nudge to get yourself into your clay, and possibly out of your comfort zone.
This is only for the guild challenge, your item does NOT have to be perfect or exact.
This is hopefully just an inspiration to get your hands in your clay and your creativity sparking!
When you bring your item in on the due date, if you can, please wrap it (in anything - paper towels, a paper bag, a scarf you can have back, toilet paper!) just so it's not seen by anyone else, and slip it to Debbie Goodrow at the beginning of the meeting.

During the meeting break, Debbie will put all the pieces out on the table, and we'll have a fun time seeing if we can identify who made what. Some people have an identifiable voice that we can often recognize, although sometimes they disguise it quite well! Some people just come up with something quite different from their usual.
It's all just for fun. If you have any questions, please ask me!~ Debbie Goodrow

June Challenge "Make Something Inspired by the Guild Library"

Make something inspired by the Guild Library. There are so many projects and ideas and our library is full of great books, magazines, and videos.
We want to encourage you to explore and push yourself to try something new. Stretch your creativity!

WOW!!!! so many great pieces!

October Challenge " 'Tis the Season"

The season includes Fall, Autumn, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas, New Years, International Day for Tolerance, National Toilet Day, or anything else that might be celebrated between now and Jan 1. ( I'll let you look 'em up, there are more than are listed here... 😉

And yes, if you make an ornament for our “Tree of Hope” to benefit the Ronald McDonald House this year, that will count!

August Challenge - Mystery Metal Piece

Our Challenge Mistress returned from her Canadian trip with goodies to share from Loreen (Resler) Jones. Loreen gifted us with scale-textured, curved aluminum pieces. (they probably were going to be fishing spinners for lures in another lifetime).

Our task was to create a polymer clay masterpiece,  using the metal piece(s) in some way and bring them to the August meeting.