Dec 8, 2018 Guild Meeting

Tag Sale and Potluck Luncheon for the December 8 meeting (SECOND SATURDAY)

Tag Sale - The more people who bring things in, the better the tag sale!!!

Members DONATE Polymer Clay/art/crafts related items to sell for $1

Bigger ticket items are raffled off.

Smaller items to be packaged into $1 value

Numbers are drawn, we line up.

Members select one item each time around

After a few turns the items are reduced to 2 for $1 and so on until the table is empty.

Potluck Lunch

We all bring in something to share...

Nothing is assigned…

We have plates, napkins, cups, etc.

If it will need serving utensils, please bring them.

We can't keep food cold or cook so keep that in mind. We can keep a few crock pots plugged in.

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