Clay ConneCTion Home Version

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  1. We had such a great time at the retreat! Wonderful to get together!
    The fun continues with 2 Challenges that spun off from Clay ConneCTion Home Edition.
    The ConneCTion Challenge, (which started as The 820 Challenge at the 2020 Clay ConneCTion) meets on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of the month at 7pm EST. These are individual challenges where the person decides what they wanted to accomplish and shares their progress with the group. There are no “Challenge Police” and it is a very supportive group. All are welcome to join, even if it is just to socialize.
    The Zoom Link will be emailed out beforehand by Sharon Mihalyak (link changes each meeting)

    The Cane Challenge is also continuing. Meetings are every other Thursday at 6pm. Debbie Goodrow has been finding tutorials and Sharon has been sending out the emails with the tutorials and the Zoom link. The Cane Challenge Zoom link stays the same for each Cane Challenge.

  2. The Challenge Zooms Continue!
    The ConneCTion Challenge now meets on the First Saturdays of each month.
    The Cane Challenge now meets on the Second Thursday of each month.
    We are going to include Veneers in the mix since most canes are used as veneers and this will open us up to even more creativity!
    This is going to be a self-assigned Cane/Veneer Challenge.
    Thank you Debbie Goodrow for finding us such a great selection of canes to try!


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