Christy Sherman’s Flower Making Demo

Christy Sherman demonstrated how she makes flowers at our June guild meeting.
She showed us her process to make irises, roses, and calla lilies. Christy started with a Skinner blend and cut out the shapes. Here is the assembled flower. Notice the texture she added to the petals. Sometimes she will follow a diagram. Here is an an example she has on her phone. Here is a cut out petal and an assembled flower. Christy made 2 Calla Lilies and positioned them together. Makes a nice broach. These are some of the cutters she uses to make the petals of her flowers. They can also be cut out freehand or using a template. Rose assembled and petals shaped to look realistic. Some of the steps taken to assemble the rose Starting with a single petal wrapped around the center of the rose... another petal gets attached..... wrapping and distorting to fit together right. Here is a wonderful collection of leaves and flowers, tendrils and I think I even see a snake in there! A collection of roses made by Christy.

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