Deb and Dorion – Team Demo

Debbie Goodrow and Dorian Merriman-Boddy teamed up to demo Inka-Gold and Gilders' Paste at the October guild meeting. Debbie was lucky to find some Inka-Gold colors on clearance at Hobby Lobby. There are 20 different colors. Deb used the Inka-Gold between layers of polymer clay for a mokume-gane effect. Inka-Gold can be used to stamp, paint, and when thinned with water, can be used as a "wash". When applied heavier there was more of a crackle pattern. When used straight from the container, Inka-Gold is similar to "Rub-n-Buff". Dorian brought in a few tins of Gilders' Paste. It is more of a paste wax, while the Inka-Gold has a smooth, creamy consistency.
If (when) it dries out, it can be revived with Mineral Spirits. She said she uses Turpinol.
Avoid using anything oily because it might not dry where it's applied.

See link for more info A few different colors of the Gilders' Paste rubbed on top of textured polymer pieces.

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