Agenda November Meeting

Demo -  Christy Sherman - Setting up an Etsy Account

Ornaments are due for the “Tree of Hope”

Tree Topper for the Tree of Hope

Election of Officers of the Guild- 2 year term

President: Sharon Mihalyak (uncontested)
Treasurer: Sue Rankin (uncontested)
Secretary: Michelle Pini (uncontested)

The Vice President position is currently being held by Diane Villano.
The following individuals running for the position of Vice President are:
Debbie Goodrow
Carole Monahan-Kampfe
Lori Michels


Looking Ahead:

Trees of Hope” benefiting the Ronald McDonald House. The Guild will be donating a decorated tree again this year. Members will make 3 (or more) ornaments to decorate the tree, due by the November meeting. Tree will be set up 11/26.
Ornaments should be white and/or metallic to keep a unified theme

Weekend of Clay - Foxon Firehouse has been reserved for March 25&26   Start thinking about classes you’d like to propose / take - Let’s talk...

Jan - DYI - Group Discussion - tell us about neat things/tools you’ve made/had made for your artistic endeavors.
Feb - Jackie McKinny - Flowers
March - Carole Monahan-Kampfe - Simple Slicer Demo
April - Lori Michels - Butterfly Cane  and Lisa Gauthier - Cane Reduction (irregularly shaped canes)
May - Christy Sherman - Pan Pastels
tbd - Sharon Mihalyak - Foil Fun

Traveling Exhibit:
Kingston RI - December

Deb and Dorion – Team Demo

Debbie Goodrow and Dorian Merriman-Boddy teamed up to demo Inka-Gold and Gilders' Paste at the October guild meeting.

Debbie was lucky to find some Inka-Gold colors on clearance at Hobby Lobby. There are 20 different colors.

Deb used the Inka-Gold between layers of polymer clay for a mokume-gane effect.

Inka-Gold can be used to stamp, paint, and when thinned with water, can be used as a "wash".

When applied heavier there was more of a crackle pattern.

When used straight from the container, Inka-Gold is similar to "Rub-n-Buff".

Dorian brought in a few tins of Gilders' Paste. It is more of a paste wax, while the Inka-Gold has a smooth, creamy consistency.
If (when) it dries out, it can be revived with Mineral Spirits. She said she uses Turpinol.
Avoid using anything oily because it might not dry where it's applied.

See link for more info

A few different colors of the Gilders' Paste rubbed on top of textured polymer pieces.

Christy Sherman’s Flower Making Demo

Christy Sherman demonstrated how she makes flowers at our June guild meeting.
She showed us her process to make irises, roses, and calla lilies.

Christy started with a Skinner blend and cut out the shapes.

Here is the assembled flower. Notice the texture she added to the petals.

Sometimes she will follow a diagram. Here is an an example she has on her phone.

Here is a cut out petal and an assembled flower.

Christy made 2 Calla Lilies and positioned them together. Makes a nice broach.

These are some of the cutters she uses to make the petals of her flowers. They can also be cut out freehand or using a template.

Rose assembled and petals shaped to look realistic.

Some of the steps taken to assemble the rose

Starting with a single petal wrapped around the center of the rose...

another petal gets attached.....

wrapping and distorting to fit together right.

Here is a wonderful collection of leaves and flowers, tendrils and I think I even see a snake in there!

A collection of roses made by Christy.

Marilyn Malcarne’s Extruder Demos

Marilyn has been having fun experimenting with extruding polymer canes and combining with different colors to create different patterns.


Sometimes her results are planned and sometimes they are happy "accidents".

The single slices show the elements that were combined to create the extruded patterns.

She had so much fun that she volunteered to demo her ongoing experiments at the March guild meeting.

I can't wait to see what she has come up with!

Marilyn is Back with more fun experiments!